Flexible & Spiral Ductwork in Utah

HVAC ductworkIt can be hard to find flexible or spiral ducting in custom sizes. If you’re looking at either of these types of ducting for your HVAC installation, contact Omni Heating & Cooling Supply. As experts in flexible and spiral duct manufacturing in Utah, we’re ready to provide you with the ducting products you need to complete your forced air installation properly.

Not only are we the go-to direct supplier for flexible ductwork in Utah, we also make our products available to customers in Arizona and Nevada as well!

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  • Why Choose Flexible/Spiral Ducting?

    Flexible and spiral ducting are great for HVAC installations that may require forced air plumbing through angular spaces or around bends. Flexible ducting allows you to bend and position your ducts wherever they’re needed with ease, without having to fabricate individual bends.

    Spiral duct fabrication in Utah creates pieces that are filled with advantages. Spiral ducting is easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, provides a lower cost of ownership thanks to its leak mitigation abilities and can be integrated into just about any type of HVAC system.

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Custom Fabrication

At Omni Heating & Cooling Supply, our fabrication capabilities extend to any type of flexible or spiral ducting you may have a need for. We pay close attention to the specifications of your project and will create ducting with precision and care, so it performs optimally when installed.

HVAC ductwork

Get Custom Ducting

If you need custom flexible or spiral ductwork, turn to the professionals at Omni Heating & Cooling Supply. We’re ready to produce custom ducting to meet your specifications, no matter the size or scope of the project. By manufacturing and working directly with our customers, you’re guaranteed the lowest costs, without any compromise on quality. Reach us today at (435) 522-5413 to begin discussing your needs.

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