Rectangular Ductwork in Utah

HVAC ductworkHeading into an HVAC installation or update that requires a heavy amount of custom rectangular ductwork? Rely on Omni Heating & Cooling Supply for support! We’ll gladly work with you to understand the complete scope of needs for your job, producing custom ducting that ensures the highest quality, most efficient forced air system. Because we’re the manufacturer and the supplier, you’re guaranteed the exact products you need quickly.

More than just rectangular duct manufacturing in Utah, we also supply direct to consumer ducting to customers throughout Arizona and Nevada as well.

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  • Why Choose Rectangular Ducting?

    When you choose us for rectangular duct fabrication in Utah, you’re going to get totally custom ductwork that translates into a variety of benefits for your forced air system. Rectangular ducting is a staple in many homes because of the many benefits it affords your HVAC system. Some of the best advantages of rectangular ducting include:

    • Easily connects fan coil to main duct
    • Better for low pressure systems
    • Takes up less height
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Custom Fabrication

Whether you need specialized sizes, angles or other dimensions fabricated, our team has the talent and expertise to make sure you get exactly what you need. We fabricate custom rectangular ducting for projects of all sizes, with proper fittings and brackets to match. Just let us see your specifications or consult directly with us to make sure our team is working hard on the ideal parts for your job.


Get Rectangular Ducting

For all of your custom rectangular ductwork needs, put your trust in Omni Heating & Cooling Supply. We’ll gladly work with you to produce ducting that meets your specifications. Count on us to deliver quality ducting at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. Reach us today at (435) 522-5413 to speak directly with us about your needs.

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