The Biggest Benefits of Custom Spiral Ductwork in Utah

The Biggest Benefits of Custom Spiral Ductwork in Utah

August 28, 2018

Construction companies have been using ducts for their buildings for many years, but for the most part these features have traditionally been hidden behind walls and drop ceiling panels. However, hip new construction projects tend to make use of exposed construction elements, such as beams and ductwork, which means there has been something of a renaissance with regard to ductwork design.

Spiral ductwork provides both stylish and practical benefits. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with using custom spiral ductwork in Utah construction projects.

  • Less air leakage:
    Air leakage is one of the biggest problems that occurs in ducts, particularly at the joints. Any amount of leakage decreases the efficiency of the overall HVAC system, as it results in energy loss. However, spiral ducts are a sealed, rounded version of ductwork that better seal in the air—they don’t need reinforced joints to ensure the airflow remains as efficient as possible.
  • Lower air pressure: When air leaves spiral ducts, it tends to do so at lower pressure than in other types of ducts. A consistent internal pressure provides more even airflow, which makes for better overall ventilation.
  • Lower costs:
    Because air leaks are negligible at worst, you won’t have to worry about additional operational costs associated with filtering, heating, air distribution and cooling. This is because those systems are airtight and maintain a steady airflow.
  • Greater consistency:
    As we’ve already alluded to, the consistency of the airflow in spiral ducts is greatly superior to that which you’d find in standard rectangular ducts. There are no interruptions in the airflow, which not only means more consistent airflow, but also significantly quieter operation. This is one of the reasons why they’re so popular for open building layouts—they don’t produce much noise at all.
  • Less space:
    Rectangular ducts take up more space, because they have to account for reinforcements and connectors. Spiral oval ducts, however, are seamless and can take up to three inches less space than their rectangular counterparts, making them a natural choice for building projects where space is already at a premium.
  • Easy to clean:
    There cleaning methods most commonly used for spiral ductwork are not just effective, but also very cost efficient and generally available in most locations, so there’s no need to be concerned about having a harder time cleaning them.
  • Cheaper installation:
    Not only does spiral duct work cost less from an operational standpoint, but its installation also tends to be cheaper, when you consider the costs of parts, labor, waste disposal and packaging. In total, you might be able to pay up to 50 percent less for installment of spiral ducts than you would for rectangular ducts.
  • Stylish:
    Even proponents of rectangular ductwork can’t deny that spiral ductwork is simply far more stylish than standard rectangular options. Again, this makes it ideal for open designs.

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